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What is this hype about Anti biotic Resistance?


At some point, we all have used antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. They do save lives but with their unwise use, bacteria are adapting to resist the maximum effects of antibiotics and some strains that are left untreated reproduce and multiply causing more harm. 

Antibiotic resistance is now turning into a global health concern – when the antibiotics are being resisted by the bacteria they are meant to be killing since the bacteria have adapted to stay unharmed .  Infact, each time you are taking a course of antibiotics, sensitive bacteria are killed but resistant germs are still multiplying in your bodies. 

What is causing Antibiotic Resistance ?

Resistance is natural in the course of evolution. But the misuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals has majorly contributed to this problem. Instead of using common preventive methods that prevent bacterial infections ( hygiene and sanitation, immunity build up, washing hands, getting vaccinated, using condoms, etc) both the patients and the medical community have a noticeably increasing reliance on antibiotics rather. This is not just limited to human beings, our milk and poultry products too carry the strains of antibiotic resistant germs when we use antibiotics in food supply of animals to treat various diseases. In that case, the animal waste too can further contaminate our crops in return. 

What is the flip side of bacterial resistance? 

Bacterial resistance clearly means that the infections would become more difficult to be treated. Certain ailments like salmonella,pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea etc that we now consider completely treatable won’t be possible to be treated in coming some of time and would lead to increased mortality. In the immediate sense,people all over the world are experiencing stretched illnesses, lengthy hospital stays and increasing medicine costs.

 How we can do our bit to prevent instances of antibiotic resistance? 

At a larger-scale antibiotic resistance prevention may require rigorous participation from individuals and organizations including the ones in healthcare, agriculture, veterinary sciences community, and governments but as an individual we too can do our bit, such as: 

  • Antibiotics won’t work on viruses.Thus, they should not be taken to treat viruses like colds or flu, etc
  • Do not insist the Doctor to be prescribing antibiotics
  • Follow instructions for using Antibiotics and complete the course prescribed even if feeling better 
  • Never save antibiotics for later use or use without prescription
  • Develop healthy habits and educate your family & friends about proper antibiotic use

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