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What is the Mystery disease that has sickened over 500 in India?

novel coronavirus

We are still battling our way through COVID-19 pandemic, not only the deadly virus, but we are also fighting the consequences of the pandemic on financial, social and other ecological sectors. In the midst of all these, a mystery disease has sickened over hundreds in Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, which has killed at least one person and has left many crying out for medical assistance.

The reason for the disease is yet to be identified, but it has activated fears and concern in the minds of people of a new virus.

Current scenario 

According to recent reports from various news sources, the disease was initially detected on Saturday, December 5, in the South Indian city of Eluru. A man, aged 45, died the next day (December 6), and various others complained about giddiness and epilepsy since December 5. More than 500 people have been affected due to the mystery disease, and over 430 have also been discharged from the hospital. The State Health Minister, A. Krishna Srinivas, also appealed people not to panic, the recent numbers have come down, and less than 40 cases were reported lately. The City of Andhra Pradesh has also been hit quite severely due to COVID-19, and the mystery disease could have possessed many problems. 

What are the symptoms of this mystery disease?

A session of epilepsy for 3-5 minutes, memory loss for a few minutes, anxiety, vomiting, headache and back pain, were some of the symptoms that were reported to the hospital officials in Eluru during those days. Even the test of COVID turned negative in these patients; the health officials also tested the patients for dengue, chikungunya, and herpes. Still, all turned negative, thus alarming the health officials of another mystery disease.

Environmental chemicals and pesticide contamination are being blamed for the disease.

State health officials assume that too much use of bleaching powder and chlorine in sanitation programs as part of COVID-19 prevention measures might have caused the contamination of water; people might have consumed that water which made them possess the mystery disease. However, another angle in the story has also been found, which states that people who did not have the municipal water supply, also got ill. The state health officials blamed people for consuming vegetables which were tainted with pesticides and other heavy metals.

The Final Word

Indian health officials have eliminated the possibility of the new coronavirus and other common viruses. Nonetheless, they speculate that contaminated water or pesticide exposure might have caused the symptoms, which include vomiting, seizures, and back pain.

Authorities say that chemical compounds in pesticides could cause related symptoms and that vulnerability would likely have occurred via inhalation or skin contact of such chemicals. At the same time, the officials have appealed to people not to panic under any circumstances.

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