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What are the early signs of Autism?

Like every parent, people have big dreams for their children. People might think of their children becoming doctors or lawyers, supporting prominent families. When something comes in the way and hinders those dreams – such as a developmental lag or autism – people might feel some level of denial. However, understanding the early indicators and getting professional assistance during the critical developmental years could make all the difference. If people are a parent of a child struggling with autism or developmental lags, they should keep in mind that they have done nothing wrong. More than ever, the child needs them to advocate on their behalf to get the interference to enhance their probability of success.

Signs to look out for

The tough part about autism is that it could be displayed in various ways, so one child with autism might not have precisely similar indicators. This is why autism is often termed as a ‘spectrum’ disorder – the indicators, signs and behaviours linked to autism occur across a wide range, from mild to severe.

Children with autism spectrum ailments have issues or respond differently in three general areas:

  • Communicating both non-verbally and verbally
  • Communication with people and the objects around them
  • Inflexible management and routines

Symptoms in various age groups

However, if the child consistently drops milestones or reaches them much later than usual, the doctors might recommend further evaluation. The following are standard guidelines that might signify the need for further assessment:

  • By six months: Lack of prominent smiles or happy expressions.
  • By nine months: Lack back-and-forth sharing smiles, sounds or facial expressions.
  • By one year: Not replying to their name, babbling, or gestures like pointing, reaching and waving.
  • By 16 months: Lack of spoken words.
  • By 24 months: Lack of two-word phrases.

The sooner people begin with helping their child with developmental delays, the better. Therapy for autism and other developmental problems are available throughout the country via Early Intervention programs. Early Intervention is customised to the specific needs of the child. It might involve a combination of speech, physical and occupational therapy, and behavioural treatment.

Developmental delay or autism could be troublesome if not interfered with treatment on time. Parents should be vigilant about their kids and watch out for the indicators mentioned above to ensure that their kids are safe from developmental delay and autism issues.

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