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Ways to keep your voice healthy and strong

Whether it is the need of the job, taking care of a busy family or going on and on with mothers on the phone – we use our voices all the time. Most of us do not even over think our voices until we suffer a temporary loss because of illness.

Our voice plays a crucial role in our daily life, but it is convenient to take it for granted.

We often lose our voice after a nasty cold that progresses into laryngitis, followed by severe coughing and hoarseness. Most of the time, our voice gets cured after a few days. But it might not be the case every time. So, here are a few tips to keep the voice healthy and strong.

Drink and eat smart

People should hydrate their body with water to keep the voice box hydrated and lubricated. When people are adequately hydrated, their vocal cords will function more efficiently, which would enhance the quality of their voice.

People should avoid intaking excessive amounts of caffeine and carbonated beverages. These could result in reflux, which hurts the throat’s delicate tissues and around the vocal box.

Quit smoking for good

Tobacco, chemicals, nicotine and breathed heat could produce inflammation and swelling and lead to cancer of the mouth, throat, nose and lungs. People should think of quitting chewing tobacco and quitting smoking. It is disastrous for their health in the short- and long-term.

Turn the volume down.

People should watch out while yelling at games. They should also avoid screaming, cheering at the top of their voices, and talking over the deafening noise. They put unnecessary stress on their vocal folds, which could hurt their voices. If people have the requirement to yell, they should keep it brief. People could use a little bit of loud voice and then lower it down to a conversational level.

Please do not force it.

When people are hoarse from laryngitis, a cold or the flu, they should not panic and take it easy. They could avoid speaking loudly or speaking for extended hours and stay clear from stressing their voice and even singing until people feel better.

Fight the urge to clear the throat.

People should avoid constant throat clearing and harsh coughing while they have a postnasal drip or a cold. Instead, they could try sipping water or using a cough drop.

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