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Ways to keep a healthy bladder

It could happen when people cough or sneeze. Or when they lift something heavy or while exercising. It could also occur when people urge to go but could not make it to the bathroom on time. It is known as urinary incontinence, and it is the accidental leakage of urine. The bladder is an empty organ that stores urine. When people urinate, the muscles encompassing the bladder squeeze to push urine out of the bladder.

In contrast, the sphincter muscles in the urethra relax to allow the flow of urine. Stress urinary incontinence usually happens when these muscles weaken. However, nerve damage due to some diseases could also lead to urinary incontinence.

Drink the right amount of water

Believe it or not, consuming plenty of water, and not too less, could assist in preventing incontinence. When people do not drink the recommended six to eight glasses of water each day, their bladder gets used to holding less fluid. This could cause incontinence. If people worry about bladder leakage during the night, they could cut back on drinking fluids an hour or two before their bedtime.

Avoid constipation

The bladder and rectum are close to each other. If people do not regularly empty their bowels, they could stress the bladder and lead to incontinence. Consuming a healthy diet with loads of fibre and drinking enough water could assist in keeping things moving.

Maintaining a healthy weight.

Several health ailments are linked to being overweight — and research proves that urinary incontinence is another problem that could affect people carrying too much weight. The heavier they are, the more pressure is applied to the pelvic floor muscles, which helps keep urine in the bladder. When the pelvic floor muscles decline, urine could leak from the bladder.

Maintain a healthy diet

Certain foods could add up to urinary incontinence. Chocolate and acidic fruits such as oranges or grapefruits, spicy foods and sugary stuff could disturb the bladder and cause incontinence.

If people suffer from urinary incontinence, they could try eliminating chocolate, acidic fruits, spicy foods and sweets from the diet to mark if that affects the body. People could then try to add them back in gradually to see how they impact our body.

Avoid tobacco products

Urinary incontinence is another reason to avoid smoking. People who smoke are trice more likely to have urinary incontinence problems than those who do not smoke. Though researchers do not know precisely why this occurs, it might have something to do with how nicotine interacts with the bladder.

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