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‘Udta’ India & Its Youth

WHO declared drug addiction as a disease caused by environmental, genetic or developmental factors. The good news is that it is treatable and preventable.

Drugs are rampant in India: Most drug deaths are due to overdose and absence of Rehabilitation. They are preferred to be kept quiet unless a movie like “Udta Punjab” turns them into a national focus. Addiction has woven its vicious net around the youth. Use of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis is at its all time high.

High Alert for Parents and Guardians: Teens are more likely to fall for its charms.Children as young as 13 -14 regularly experiment with intoxicants.The immediate need is to prevent them coming in contact with this lethal stuff.

Promote Healthy Lifestyle: Set balanced examples. Send them to health fitness hubs, encouraging them to eat nutritious food. Youngsters are full of energy looking for an expression, let that be a productive expression like sports, arts, music etc.

Provide Social Platforms: Create a social environment where all age groups interact freely, Such as Youth Cultural Fests planned  with cultural values in mind, and understanding of what appeals to the youngsters. This shall give shape to values and their inert talents.

Uplift the Community: Through focussing on health, education, social services, sanitation, housing and vocational opportunities we must provide direction, constructive employment and better life to youngsters.

Watch out , an Addict usually, 

  • gets physically ill if intense cravings unsatisfied
  • is agitated and loses temper when confronted
  • puts absolute time and energy on obtaining and consuming drugs
  • can’t leave this habit
  • talks obsessively about alcohol or drugs
  • maintains a surplus supply of drugs
  • spends money on drugs even if can’t afford
  • ill performs at work and personal front
  • lies and acts secretive, absconds on and off
  • feels depressed, hopeless, or suicidal
  • socially withdraws or is uninterested in recreational pursuits
  • involves in minor crimes

The High of Drugs:  Marijuana, Hashish, etc – result in Euphoria or “high” – increased visual, auditory and taste perception. Club drugs, such as Ecstasy  are commonly used at clubs, concerts and parties. Hallucinogens (LSD) or PCP may bring in  a feeling of separation from the body. Inhalants like paint thinners, glue,felt tip marker fluid,correction fluid, gasoline, cleaning fluids or household aerosol products & Prescription Opioids numb the painful areas of life and cause a rise in pleasure sensory  nerves.

The Gradual Loss it Brings:  Rise in heart beats, blood pressure, dry mouth, red eyes, decreased sensory coordination, increase or decrease in appetite, decreased reaction time, paranoid thinking. Mental sharpness decline, performance level dip. Socialising halt. Sedation, immense muscle relaxation, confusion,  memory loss, high potential for sexual misconduct, brain damage or even death.

Admit and Opt for Rehabilitation: Downplaying or underestimating the drug problem only complicates the diagnosis and treatment. Solving this problem might not be that easy either, but its solution will come in the form of better youth organisation and promoting de-addiction culture.

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