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Tobacco: What you don’t know already


Statutory Warning: Consumption of Tobacco is Injurious to Health.

We often hear this line; before the movies (which irritates us to our bone), from our parents, elders, concerned friends and of course, all non-smokers. In reality, tobacco is an extremely dangerous and a slow poison. With more than 5000 toxins, tobacco is widely consumed in our nation and in varied forms like – beedi, cigarette, hookah, cigars and snuff (tobacco).

If you think that tobacco only affects your physical health, then keep reading further as we reveal some more shocking facts relevant:

Effects of Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

  1. Biological

Smoking Tobacco causes adverse effects on our reproductive organs and also raises the risk of infertility. It also produces gene mutations and chromosomal abnormalities in our DNA.

  1. Physical

There are many grave physical consequences of smoking like lung damage, weakened immune system, vision problems, risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer, low oral hygiene complications during pregnancy, low bone density and cardiovascular diseases. It makes the skin sag, induces hair loss and makes us look older than our age.

  1. Psychological

Smoking tobacco is proven to cause anxiety and stress in the body and it also elevates mood swings. Nicotine, an active ingredient of tobacco, releases a short amount of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) during smoking, but it also shuts down the natural dopamine release from our brain, resulting in us wanting to smoke to feel good.

  1. Social

Smoking not only affects you but also the people around you who are inhaling the smoke passively. In India, smoking is banned in public places. It is responsible for making asthma worse, rise in blood pressure, damaging the heart and elevating the risk of colds and ear infections in passive smokers.

  1. Environmental

Did you think about this one- how tobacco damages our environment?

Tobacco consumes 4 times more potassium from the soil compared to the other crops. This often leads to barren infertile lands. One cigarette filter takes months or sometimes years to degrade, and leaves more than 600 dangerous chemicals. And yes, hardly any need to mention that the smoke coming out from tobacco consumption is an obvious damage!

Chewing tobacco, smoking hookah, or e-cigarette are more damaging than regular cigarettes. However, it doesn’t make cigarette smoking any safer! just get this straight that there is no safe way to consume tobacco!

Quitting Tobacco

Tried quitting many times but failed?

Let’s try once more! Do not procrastinate. Find your reason and draft it into a plan. Think of long-term benefits of quitting smoking and remember to read them every day before you sleep. Put reminder stickies all around. If you get urges, eat healthy fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants and nutrients.

Just like everything else, it’s never too late to quit smoking as well!

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