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The Rise of ‘Anti-Antibiotic’ Bacteria!

As they say, too much of anything is bad!  Superbugs are one of those bad things that are really difficult to deal with. They are the result of the overuse of antibiotics.

The excessive usage of antimicrobial drugs results in bad bacteria getting resistant to it. The good bacteria turn bad and worsen your health. Consequently, you cannot treat the same treatable diseases such as pneumonia and food illnesses easily. You have to stay longer in the hospital, medical costs go higher and increased risk of death also lurks near you.

As a rule of thumb, the best way to fight antibiotic resistance is to avoid antibiotics or have them carefully. How can you do that? Let’s learn below:

Learn when to use antibiotics

You may think that antibiotics are strong medicines that can treat all types of diseases. Wrong!

Antibiotics should be taken only in case of bacterial infections. Using antibiotics to cure a common cold, sore throat or flu is useless. It can hurt your health as you unnecessarily pop antibiotics down in your body.

Never self-medicate

In India, every other person believes he/she is a doctor and tends to take medicine on their own. Self-medication can be dangerous. It is better to use an antibiotic only when prescribed by a doctor.

Complete the Antibiotic course

Sometimes, your health starts getting better after taking a few doses of the medicines prescribed by the doctor. But don’t stop taking medicine mid-way. Just don’t. Your antibiotics may have killed most of the weak bacteria, but stronger ones may remain. And if stronger bacteria adapt to the antibiotics, then they can turn into superbugs and trouble you for long.

Avoid using others’ & leftover medicines

Taking antibiotics prescribed to others based on ‘your judgement’ of similar symptoms, can cause more harm than good. Don’t even think about it!

It can cause side effects, worsen your disease and can also prolong the treatment. Always throw away leftover antibiotics once you are fully healthy.

Other smart ways to curb antibiotic resistance

  • Never ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotics if he/she says you don’t need them.
  • Avoid infections by washing hands regularly, not being close to sick people and cooking food hygienically. You should also get yourself and the whole family vaccinated and practice safe sex.
  • Wash any cuts and wounds thoroughly before bandaging.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Also, don’t have food from street vendors, avoid drinking raw milk and wash hands before eating to prevent foodborne bacterial infections.

India is a leading consumer of antibiotics. You must have come across news that there are antibiotics in our foods, whether plant-based or meat-based. While the government is intervening at its own level to combat the development of superbugs, we must be extremely careful about what food we are eating. And how and which medicines we are taking. That’s when we can get our shield against the antibiotic- resistant bugs

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