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The importance of bedtime routine for entire family

According to a poll, more than 40% of adults get less than six hours of sleep per night. As an outcome, these individuals are at significant risk of obesity and other severe health ailments. Experts suggest that an average adult should gain between six and eight hours of sleep each night. Meanwhile, the average pre-schooler should acquire between 10 and 13 hours of bedtime. Bedtime regimes have long been advocated for parents of babies and infants seeking a better night’s sleep. Still, evidence suggests the entire family could gain from a strict bedtime routine.

Stick to a routine

One of the most vital aspects of setting a bedtime regime is knowing how much sleep our body needs to function correctly. It is time people should start winding down for the day. Luckily, there are smartphone apps that people could download, which would advise them. Once the people know their optimum amount of sleep required by the body, they should shift their bedtime accordingly, until they reach their desired rest.

Assisting a child to sleep

Of course, to ensure that people acquire the sleep that their body requires, they need to ensure that their children are also getting a good night’s rest. One of the most vital factors to consider is the comfort of their child. Regardless of their age, a good quality mattress is mandatory. While choosing kids mattresses, parents should consider the amount of support they offer to their child’s growing spine, as this would play a significant role in their comfort and overall quality of sleep.

Providing the kids with a warm bath, followed by a cuddle, story and some lullabies is the idle way to obtain more sleep for the entire family.

Do not forget about the teens.

More than 50% of parents admit that electronic devices are the culprits behind their teen’s sleep problems. This is worrying, as various researches have already shown that the emission of blue light from electronics at night could alter the circadian rhythm by as much as three hours. Therefore, a bedtime regime must be implemented, which includes the removal of such devices from a teenager’s grasp, as this would ensure good quality sleep.

A bedtime regime is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that the entire family sleeps well at night. By being strict with oneself, young children and teens would benefit from better sleep and improved health.

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