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Staying Positive in Difficult Times! It’s Possible.

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Even though it may sound  like wishful thinking, with a little practice and understanding of how the mind works,  it’s definitely possible. To be able to turn the tide on negative thoughts and emotions, it is important to understand how the mind works. Simply put our negative thoughts are a type of survival mechanism developed over millions of years of evolution. You must be thinking how a survival mechanism makes us miserable. The truth is, we as humans are hard-wired to look for and focus on threats. This served us well for millennia as that alertness and response to danger of being killed day in and day out helped us survive. 

However, today the world has changed a lot. We are no longer threatened  for our survival from predators and other things on a daily basis. We have a fairly safe habitat and lifestyle now. But the mind still operates from the basal evolutionary instinct. At the slightest sign of trouble, it goes into a hyperdrive creating what/if scenarios to get out of the trouble. However, most of the time it is an extreme response rarely based on fact. As a result optimism in difficult times becomes even more difficult. One has to cultivate some real emotional intelligence to see the glass half full. Sometimes shifting the focus betters the perspectives.  

Positivity has a lasting impact on our overall health and well-being as well our performance in life situations. Here are a few suggestions to stay positive in adverse situations:

  1. Firstly, understand if it is a real threat or just your imagination. Chances are in most of the situations the perceived threat is imaginary i.e. only in our mind. The more we spend time thinking about it, the more we sink into the vortex of negativity. Snap out and weigh the situation objectively.
  2. Secondly, try and find a positive side to focus upon. Train your brain to identify the best in everything. You can’t control the situation at all times, but you can definitely control your response to the situation and as a result take charge of how you feel.
  3. Lastly, there is so much in life to be grateful about, family, friends, our life. And this feeling of gratefulness can negate most of the anxieties and fears one experiences.  

In summary, try the steps next time you are in a spot. It can greatly help in changing your perspective on most situations. In addition, things that help in creating the right environment to stay positive includes: keeping in touch with friends and family, expressing yourself, spending time doing activities you enjoy,  exercising, breathing in fresh air, meditation and last but not the least getting adequate amounts of sleep daily. Like we said, it may take some practice but it’s definitely not wishful thinking. 

Stay Positive. Stay Healthy.

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