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Medicinal effects of Cannabis seeds

When we hear cannabis, we think something fishy. But to our surprise, the cannabis plant has outcomes more intense than just the intoxication of weed. The cannabis seeds prove to be as important as its flowers.

Generally, the flowers of the cannabis plants are dried and then ground to make what the masses intake as marijuana. The seed, as has been found, has loads of health benefits and nutritional value. Though there are very limited instances of such research topic, and a lot still needs to be learnt on the subject, here are some facts about cannabis seeds.

A good source of nutrition

Studies suggest that cannabis seeds carry a treasure trove of the right nutrients. They are packed with over 30% of the healthy fats and some essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid and gamma-linoleic acid, which assists in the growth of cells and muscles.

Let us have a look at some of the medicinal effects now:

Keeps the heart-healthy

One of the compounds packed in the cannabis seed is the amino acid arginine which promotes the circulatory systems and increases blood pressure. Nitric oxide is another compound packed in the seeds that assist in relaxing and dilating blood vessels, which enables easy and free flow of blood. Cannabis seeds seem to go easy on the heart as well.

Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis seeds help a great deal in easing the body and muscles. It also assists in controlling muscular spasms and nervous systems—all these aids in treating anxiety issues and minimizing epileptic fits as well.

Helps in digestion

Cannabis seed comprises of large amounts of both soluble and insoluble fibres. The soluble fibres keep the digestion slow, which keeps a person full for extended periods. Insoluble fibres add bulk to the stool supporting the seamless movement of food via the digestive tracts.

Good for skin

Since cannabis is mostly fortified with fatty acids, it just seems to be an excellent skin protector. It assists in alleviating dermatological issues such as eczema.

Good for cancer treatments

While we are counting all the other good effects that cannabis has on the human body, it would not be astonishing if it helps in treating cancer as well. In some instances, it is known to have limited tumours in various sorts of cancer. People who consume cannabis seeds have lesser risks of developing intestinal and colon cancers.

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