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Innovative workouts to try in 2021

We are sure that people are getting a little annoyed with the regular workouts and want to spice it up a little. Then they are not alone!

Lately, we have seen numerous new and innovative training opportunities hitting the market that is quickly gaining popularity, so if people have not already given them a go, here are five creative workouts that are worth trying out in this new year 2021.

Altitude training

Traditionally only used by elite athletes to enhance performance, altitude training is now going mainstream with a few places like gyms. Other introducing a multi-altitude zone, which provides people with a complete workout under the same conditions as if they were on top of a mountain, the air would be much thinner there. They draw in less oxygen with each breath.

Altitude training also helps burn up to 25% more calories than traditional workouts. It is exceptional for weight loss and weight management while also providing added benefits such as improving muscular strength, building muscle, and regulating heart health.

Infrared hot yoga

Yoga conventionally offers plenty of perks for health, but infrared hot yoga takes it up a notch. With classes provided at different temperatures ranging between 30 and 40°C, hot yoga could assist with everything from weight loss and detoxification, to enhanced circulation and improved metabolic rate, enhanced oxygen levels, collagen production, muscle pain, and joint pain relief and stress reduction.


Dancing has done much good for the health and fitness industry – first, we were acquainted with Pilates, later Zumba got our attention, and now it is time for Barre that is capturing the attention of plenty of people wanting to enhance their fitness by trying something unique and exciting.

Joining exercises obtained from ballet, yoga, and Pilates, Barre offers an intensive workout without any previous dance training requirement. Extensively relying on the use of their body weight as resistance, it is an excellent way to target muscle groups, people otherwise might not be able to work out on them.

Virtual cycling

This was once a concept visualized in some futuristic movies; virtual cycling has become the real deal. Only by strapping on a virtual headset, people would get into a dull spin session which would be transformed into a lifelike real-world experience where they could imagine themselves cycling through a range of outdoor environments including everything from rocky mountain tops, to busy city roads, coastline, beaches or desert landscapes.

If people suffer from motion sickness, then it might not be right for them. However, it is worth a try if people get the opportunity!

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