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Honey – Keeps you healthy while saving money

People should search at the back of the kitchen store cupboard, and they would be surprised at what might be lurking there. If something is long beyond its expiry date, it is apparently ill-advised to consume it, but that does not mean that people need to throw it away. Many every day, ingredients could be used for several other health and beauty goals, which could be incredibly beneficial and saves unnecessary wastage. One of these ingredients is HONEY.

Presently, honey is still much widely used by large cosmetic companies. However, the advantages could be achieved at home for a fraction of the price of shop-purchased products and the knowledge that the ingredients used are entirely natural. Let’s have a detailed look at what wonders honey could do to our health.

Helps in digestion

The Romans initially used honey as a mild laxative to assist in digestive aid problems. However, throughout the ages, honey has also been used as a treatment for diarrhoea. Indeed, it cannot assist with both of these conflicting problems? The theory is that honey is assumed to help destroy certain bacteria within the gut by acting as a ‘preserving’ agent.

A good night sleep

Honey carries various amino acids, including tryptophan. Similarly, like sugar, honey would create a rise in insulin within the body. This elevation of insulin allows the tryptophan to enter the brain more conveniently. It is converted initially into serotonin and then into melatonin. This melatonin would ensure people that they are getting a good nights sleep.

Treats cuts, Wounds and Burns

Owing to its antibacterial qualities, honey is an exceptional natural antibiotic that could be safely used both externally and internally. Honey has been utilised for its medicinal qualities for well over 2,000 years and works by absorbing moisture from around the wound assists in preventing the growth of bacteria and promotes the healing process.

Sugar replacement

We are regularly being told that our modern dishes hold excessive amounts of sugar, so with this being the case, honey makes a wonderful, natural sweetener. Honey generally tastes sweeter than sugar so that people could use a lot less of it. People might require to experiment with the amounts when they substitute sugar for honey in recipes. However, we would suggest trying half the amount of sugar.

Please note: Honey should not be given to children below 12 months of age. It has certain enzymes which might cause problems to the newborn babies. 

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