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General Eye Care Tips for Contact Lenses Users

General Eye Care Tips

It’s liberating to use contact lenses.

However, contact lenses require great care because they are worn directly on the eye and the risk of getting a bacterial infection in the eye is thus considerably higher for the users. Does this mean contact lenses are harmful and shouldn’t be used? Not at all! The risks are an indicator of what you must do right while using them.

Tips for beginners

To start with, contact lenses should be prescribed by a doctor post a proper eye check-up. Always opt for a trusted brand when ordering the contact lenses and never use cheap, discounted, free-to-use contact lenses. What’s the point in saving a few bucks at the cost of the eyes anyway? If using lenses for following a trend (like coloured lenses) or making a style statement, do check their properties before purchasing.

Maintain Hygiene – With Do or Die Zeal!

This is the most critical aspect of using contact lenses:

  • Always store contact lenses in a clean container.
  • Change the solution every day.
  • Clean the container minimum twice a week.
  • Clean hands before wearing or removing the lenses.

Simple logic- either maintain hygiene or your eyes may get exposed to infections!

Don’t use after Expiration. Period.

Users often ignore the expiry factor of contact lenses and keep on using the same pair for longer than recommended. This can harm the eyes in unimaginable ways (even cause blindness) by causing bacterial growth in the eye. Consult the doctor to know when to change contact lenses.

Love Eye makeup? Be careful!

For girls who want to dress up and look pretty, here are a few tips to take care of the lenses while wearing eye make-up:

  • Wear soft contact lenses before applying make-up.
  • Avoid putting kohl and liners in the inner rim of the eye.
  • No makeup should come in contact with the lenses!
  • In case of teary eyes, remove contact lenses immediately and once the make-up has dried, wear them back.
  • Take out the lenses before removing the make-up.
  • Don’t share eye make-up with others.

And remember- make-up is still avoidable, care is not!

Thumb Rules for Users

There are certain rules that all users must swear by.

Like after removing the lenses:

  • Splash enough cold water for the eyes to feel rested.
  • Don’t use glasses immediately.
  • Rest your eyes and avoid using the phone.
  • Don’t read in low light and get proper sleep.
  • Use prescribed eye drops to prevent dryness and irritation.

If heading out in the day, keep it cool by wearing sunglasses and avoid wearing the lenses over 12 hours. For extra safety and backup, always carry the power-glasses & the lens case along. And of course ‘never ever’ let anyone else try your lenses ‘just for fun’ or ‘an experience’.

Taking care of your contact lenses ensures eye care as well. So do it the right way!

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