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Ankle Fracture

A fractured ankle is simple break in one bone, which may not stop you from walking. You may experience a broken ankle during a car crash or from a simple misstep or fall. Kindly perform the first aid tips given below.

First Aid 

  • If bone breaks through the skin, don't push it back into place. Do cover the area with a clean bandage. Seek immediate medical attention.

  • Apply steady, direct cloth pressure for nearly 15 min. Elevate the wound. If blood soaks through, apply another cloth over the first and seek an immediate medical help.

  • Remove ankle jewellery or toe rings

  • Go for RICE, if medical attention is not immediately available

R- rest the ankle

I-  ice the ankle  (20-30 min every 2-3 hrs for first 2 days)

C-compress ( wrap the ankle lightly with an elastic bandage or brace)

E- elevate the ankle (first 48 hrs) bit higher than heart while lying down

Seek medical help, if: 

  • uncontrollable bleeding

  • ankle/foot turns numb, cold, pale or blue 

  • inability  to move the foot

  • expression of shock (faint, pale, with rapid shallow breathing)

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