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Amputation (Accidental)

When a body part is partially or completely amputated, quick first aid action is required to help ensure the best possible repair. Call the emergency helpline immediately. First aid tips needs to be followed before the emergency help arrives.

First Aid 

Try stopping  the Bleeding:

  • Lie down the injured person. if possible, elevate the injured area.

  • But don’t reposition the person if head, neck, back, or leg injury suspected.

  • Apply steady and direct pressure to the wound. If there is  an object in the wound, apply pressure around it, and not directly over it.

  • If blood soaks through, apply another layer over the first one. Use a tourniquet or compression bandage only if severe bleeding and not stopping  with direct pressure.

  • Wrap or cover the injured area with sterile dressing , clean cloth, cotton pad.

Seek medical help immediately without losing time.

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