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When a person feels pain in any part of the head, it ranges from low to high severity. Kindly perform the first aid tips given below to stabilize the person, if the pain is unbearable, take the person to the hospital.

First Aid:

  • Take painkillers
  • The person should drink plenty of liquids. Dehydration can cause or worsen a headache.
  • Apply a cool cloth or ice pack to the forehead, temples, or back of the neck.
  • Massage the person's neck and back to relieve muscle tension.
  • Apply gentle, rotating pressure to the painful area of the head.
  • Have the person rest or take a warm bath or shower.

Seek medical help, if:

  • Headache occurs after a head injury
  • Headache is accompanied by dizziness, speech impairment, confusion, or other neurological symptoms
  • Severe headache that comes on suddenly
  • Headache that gets worse even after taking pain medications.

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