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Fume Inhalation

Fumes inhaled into the lungs have the potential to do serious damage to the respiratory system. If you find a cough for a few minutes after breathing in smoke or fumes, you must move them from the source, provided it does not harm you. A variety of dangerous fumes are commonly found in the workplace such as car exhaust, smokes, fumes from domestic appliances , dry cleaning solvent and some other chemicals also give off toxic fumes.

Signs and symptoms of fume inhalation 

  • A change in voice or no voice at all.
  • Drooling or dribbling.
  • Soot in the nostrils or phlegm.
  • To breathe noisily.
  • Burns around the mouth and neck.
  • Not being able to think clearly.

First Aid steps

  • Get the victim out into the fresh air without any delay.
  • Loosen if any tight clothing worn by the victim.
  • Leave as fast as possible. Do not stop too long to find the source of the smoke otherwise you will put yourself and others at risk of inhaling a toxic level of fumes.
  • As you escape, lie low on the floor and crawl below the level of the heat and fumes. Otherwise, you may be overcome by fumes before you have time to act.
  • If the smoke is so thick that you cannot see, work your way towards a safe exit by sticking to familiar walls. 

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