1. What is Doctor Saab?
Doctor Saab is a useful Health Portal that provides essential healthcare information in an easy to understand manner and is available in Hindi and English. Information available includes information on diseases, procedures and many other health and fitness resources.


2. How to use this portal?
Just point and click. It’s as friendly as that. The key feature of the portal is it’s friendly user interface. Users can browse the information relevant to their interest or medical condition conveniently through categorically assigned menus. Or you can simply search using the search bar from anywhere on the website or app.


3. Is there a charge for using this portal?
All essential healthcare information available on the portal for users is absolutely free of charge. No, it’s not a promotional offer. For people seeking authentic and reliable health information, it will always be free. We know that there is a huge gap in availability of credible health information in India, our goal is to try and bridge that gap as much as possible.


4. Is the Information available on this platform a substitute for medical advice?
No, this portal intends to be an informational platform only which is authentic and vetted by experts. But, it can’t be a better substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. In case of a medical emergency, you must immediately call your doctor.


5. I can’t find what I am looking for?
We do apologise if the subject of your choice is not available at the moment. Our team is working round the clock to ensure that we are able to offer you the widest possible choice and information relevant for you. If you would like to see any specific topics covered, please feel free to email us info@doctorsaab.online