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Eating Out While On a Keto Diet


Indian meals are very different from the western ones, and it is rare to find a Keto Menu exclusively in the restaurants of our country! So, if you are following a Keto diet and planning to go out, it will surely give you jitters! You don’t want to look pricey (on a date maybe), but nor do you want to undo your diet plan!

In instances like these, how can you help yourself?

Let’s find out:

Before going out

  • Search the Menu


If possible, find the menu of the restaurant online and carefully select your dishes. Certain dishes will also have the option of customization- help yourself with your Keto rules!

  • Increase Intake of Water

Switching over to a different diet like Keto can initially result in the body feeling weak, uncomfortable and low on energy. Keto dieters may face dizziness, loss of water, nausea, flu, lack of concentration, stomach pains, insomnia, muscle cramps, irritation and hunger cravings. Curb these symptoms by drinking adequate water throughout the day. Carry a bottle or two while going out. 

  • Carry Handy Eatables

If possible, keep a handful of roasted seeds with you at all times when you are out. This will also help you curb your hunger pangs, just in case you don’t find anything suitable.

At the Restaurant 

  • Concentrate on the meals you can eat
    • You can eat all meats, chicken, dairy (high fats), seafood, nuts, seeds and low carb veggies. Choose an egg salad or chicken one. 

    • Go for cauliflower-based dishes, green leafy vegetables or even an egg scramble (minus the bread). 

    • Add lots of greens to your plate. You can even order any burger and eat the patty wrapped in lettuce, minus the buns. 

    • Tandoori chicken or kebabs are a good option too. 

    • You can also add ghee/healthy fats for extra flavour. 

    • Raita or full fat yogurt is beneficial too.

  • Drinks 

Have unsweetened teas with your meal. Coffee with extra cream or butter is also a good option. 

  • Avoid high carb foods

Simply refrain from eating grains, fruits and anything high in carbs like rice, naans, pasta, potatoes, sweets, sandwiches, fries or sodas. 

  • If you are unsure

If you are not sure about the ingredients or carb content of any dish that looks tempting to be savoured, ask the restaurant to tell you about it.

It’s completely okay, once in a while to eat out with your friends or family, even if you are on a diet! It’s not where you eat, it what’s you eat. So, stick to the basics and control your urges! Eat on a smaller plate and feel happy and blessed while eating.

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