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Cycling – Healthy Fuss Free !

For the bike enthusiasts, cycling has plenty to offer. It fits into their daily routine while they ride to the shops, park, school or work.
For more professionally into it, cycling opens a pathway to a riot of colours, cuisines, and
friendly locals.In an everyday life too joining the cycling family has ravishing reasons. It does wonders for weight-loss, fitness, body and mind. Cycling is time conserving, economic and environment friendly.

Improves mental well-being, happy cells and appetite

Basic release of adrenaline and endorphins, and the improved confidence- cycling combines physical exercise with being outdoors and exploring new scenery. Provides person a space to process worries or concerns either solo or in group.
Technical elements- descending, climbing and cornering all teach one to use the body weight to get the bike to go where a person wants to go. Acquiring those skills shall provide a massive confidence boost. In addition, since a half hour ride to work relatively burns between 200-500 calories, person can enjoy additional healthy bites.

Weight loss is one big benefit of cycling apart from muscle building

Cycling burns between 400 -1000 calories an hour, depending on the intensity and rider weight .Balanced calorie intake, quality sleep and right diet along with the fact that a person enjoys cycling results in losing more weight and developing a nice toned build up.

Better lung health, Reduced heart disease and cancer risk

Studies show that people who ride bikes are actually exposed to fewer dangerous fumes.
Cycling ups a person’s heart health, life expectancy and lowers cancer risk.
Cycling is a low impact form of exercise. Improves navigational skills
Cycling by contrast to running is not weight bearing and involves lesser chances of avid muscle damage. In the world of Google maps and satellite navigations,exploring the lanes gives a person a better idea of directions and fun occasionally.

Better Sex. Great Sleep.Sharp Brain

Sex is actually good for a person’s overall health.Cycling builds some rather essential muscle groups that prolong the sexual intercourse.The doctors believe that the steepest decline in cardiorespiratory fitness happens between 40-60’s when sleep problems set in. Cycling results in reduced anxiety and prevents weight gain- both being the insomnia triggers. Thus, leads to good quality sleep.Individuals who cycle for 45-60 minutes, at 75-85% of max ‘heart rate reserve’ (max heart rate excluding resting heart rate) 04 times a week may stay dementia free.

Strengthens Immunity, wins friendships. Let’s keep cycling…

Cycling drastically improves the immunity,frees a person from the confines of germ infused buses and trains. Passionate bikers are committed to creating a community where people feel supported pushing themselves, causes and surroundings. It is a heritage and legacy, hobby to cherish and pass on…

Cycling is a fuss free healthy activity worth getting into.

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