About Us

doctorsaab.online is a start up venture actively involved in developing various tech solutions with a special focus on promotion of healthcare information through its innovation portal product Doctorsaab.online. The Company aims to Indianise the healthcare information for the convenience of natives relevant to their demography & needs.

This health information portal gives its users access to a wide range of health related information anywhere, anytime. Whether a person is looking for additional information on diseases or trying to understand a medical or diagnostic procedure, the portal offers valuable and credible first hand information. In addition, one can search for health services around the vicinity such as hospitals, doctors, diagnostic centres and much more.

The  specially curated articles and trending stories keep the readers abreast with the latest in health care. The information is reviewed and validated by our expert panel of medical practitioners and is available in both English and Hindi language.

It is Doctorsaab endeavour to ensure that all Indians have access to credible healthcare information. Thus, we aim to bring in more enhanced features and smart search options shortly to bring to users a vivid health experience. All health information available to users is completely free of charge and it always will be.

Our portal does not provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information available in any form, text, graphics, visuals, videos etc are purely for information purposes. The portal does not provide treatment, diagnosis, recommendations for procedures, diagnostic tests, choice of hospital or doctors or products, services or any other type of medical advice. Users are required to consult a Doctor with regards to any medical condition, treatment options. This product IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE for professional medical advice. Reliance on any information published on the Website is solely at the risk of the user. Doctorsaab is not responsible for any damage or loss arising out of the use / non-use of any information published on the website.

Happy health with us!